Pros & Cons Of Using Apple Macs In Your Business

Every business owner has to think about the different equipment you will buy for your company. For many enterprises, computers are the main things you need. Most of your work is done at a desk on a computer, so you have to ensure you get the best one. 

This brings about a common debate: Mac vs. PC. Macs are made by Apple, and they are highly recommended in some sectors. Likewise, many people swear that PCs are better. To help you make up your mind, here are the pros and cons of using Macs:

Pro: Very Secure

It’s a well-known fact that Macs and Macbooks are almost immune to computer viruses. The security built inside them is good enough to passively protect you as you go about your tasks. No viruses mean less downtime, leading to more productivity

Con: Very expensive

If you want a Mac, you will have to pay top dollar for it. They tend to be more expensive than a lot of similar PC variants out there. When you add up the costs of fitting an entire office with Macs, it can soon set you well over your budget. Remember, if you want to connect all of your Apple Macs to the same power supply, this is possible if you visit an electrical supply store, as they can advise you on the power load of your systems.

Pro: Luxury status

Macs are seen as a luxury product that people with a fair bit of money buy. This can play into your hands as it makes your business seem more luxurious or higher class. If clients walk in and see that everyone has a Mac, they’re instantly impressed. It provides a nice little boost to your brand image, which could help to pay off the initial costs. 

Con: Harder to fix

PCs are everywhere, which means they are much easier to fix. The Windows OS is used by the majority of computers out there, and the hardware is similar in many PCs. By contrast, Macs are harder to fix because there aren’t as many of them. They also use a completely different OS, and some of the hardware is vastly different. So, fixing any issues can be challenging and may waste valuable time. It’s a good idea to hire an IT support company that has expertise in Apple products and can provide onsite support when you need it. Feel free to read more about this if you deem it necessary. 

Pro: Impressive performance

Apple Macs have always had really impressive performance stats. They are particularly useful at editing videos or creating graphic images. If your business is in the creative industry, then a Mac is highly recommended. Even for general daily tasks, Macs tend to be very fast and easy to use.

Their performance capabilities also extend beyond media editing and are perfect for any business. Macs are able to efficiently run modern systems that can aid in administrative and communication that is vital to run a successful business and can be easily accessed by employees and stakeholders alike, including the essential voip phone system for small business.  If you intend on selling products online then Apple Macs are ideal because they support a strong internet connection and the graphic image capabilities, as mentioned above, are outstanding. If you are selling online, remember to take out e-commerce insurance.

Con: Limited choice

As alluded to previously, you don’t have many Macs to choose from. There’s a wider range of PCs available, giving you more options to select something that suits your needs. 

Overall, Macs can be great if you want to cultivate an impressive image and use a high-performing piece of technology. However, they might not suit your business. If you have a limited budget, then PCs represent a more affordable option. Weigh up the pros and cons, then make a decision that benefits your company!



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