Learning to Live an Eco Friendly Life

Are you ready to lower your carbon footprint in 2021? Maybe you have left plastic straws in the dust by switching to a reusable straw, or you have chosen to carpool or walk to your destinations more, or you have traded all of your Tupperware in for glass storage. These are all great places to begin living an eco-friendly life!

Every little Greener change we make has a positive ripple effect on the environment. Are you excited to learn about how you can do better for the environment and yourself? Living an eco-friendlier life makes more sense for our well-being, instead of being surrounded by technology all day.

Get ready for a few simple tips to live an eco-friendly life.


Composting is the simple process of decomposing organic matter, like old vegetable peels for example, into a simpler organic compound like fertilizer. A good compost is usually bursting with nutrients, and it acts as an incredible fertilizer for soil and plants!

There’s a wide array of organic matter that can be composted instead of thrown away:  eggshells, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, cardboard, sawdust, cotton and wool,

vacuum cleaner lint, and hair and fur just to name a few. When you start your first composting bin – it completely reimagines everything you might throw away into the landfill.

There are certain materials that cannot be composted, but there are extraordinary benefits for the wide array of unorthodox materials you can compost. Composting reduces the need for chemical-based fertilizers (protecting the wildlife species like the honeybee) and reduces the methane emissions from landfills. Just grab a composting bin, or a new trash can, and start by throwing all of your organic waste inside, with minimal watering, and let Mother Nature do her thing – this is called cold composting.

Recycled Goods

Using recyclable goods, like paper, clothes, accessories and some toys made from recyclable goods, is a great way to minimize our impact on natural sources. Products like printer paper or cardboard cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of trees every year, when these can easily be repurposed and reused instead of buying more.

Many companies work hard to create packages produced from recycled goods to sell their products. The Red Diesel FuelBox has reduced its carbon footprint with more environmentally friendly packaging by using “90% less plastic packaging” than the leading alternative and producing approximately “86% less landfill waste” than traditional jerry cans.

As the years go by, more Green companies are becoming affordable to people across the globe – giving people the options to make better choices for the environment.

Live Green

Save the bees, plant more trees & save the seas is a motto for a generation of people trying to create a better, environmentally friendly tomorrow. Living green genuinely begins with planting greener – trees, harvesting plants, living plant walls, and sustainable gardens are a great place to begin. Begin by infusing the green right back into your life with your own slice of nature. If you do not have a green thumb but you would like to live greener, do some research and determine why that is.

Having more real plants in your life, and your home, is beneficial for numerous reasons – one of which is how to eliminate air pollutants. Surrounding ourselves with nature, whether it is dipping our toes in the ocean, taking a walk in the park, or grounding yourself in the backyard with your feet on the grass, has been shown to emit a calming effect.

Nature reduces mental fatigue, stress, and increasing relaxation. Our bodies naturally want to live green, and it shows how we crave the calming effects of natural foliage. Now that you have begun this journey, there’s a lot more to keep going when you are ready! However, any little step in a greener direction is progress that should be celebrated and appreciated.



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