Pay-Per-Click For Franchisors And Franchisees Explained

The U.S. Commerce Department reported the success rate of franchises per year is 95%. This is surprising considering a franchise opens every 8 minutes, which indicates many of them go on to be successful. However, to refrain from being the 5% who don’t make it past the first year, marketing is an essential component your company can’t survive without.

There are some limitations franchisee owners must adhere to, to ensure fair and acceptable marketing. But it’s also essential to ensure franchise businesses can make its products and services stand out from not just it’s competitors but also other franchise businesses. Nevertheless, the franchisors’ brand, voice, and mission must take precedence. 

Search Engine Optimization

Franchisors and their franchises should have a compelling online presence. A franchise SEO needs to demonstrate consistent, content online across the website and social media. If franchisors and franchisees have regularly updated new, quality content, Google shall boost a business’s natural online presence further up the listings for all to see. SEO also impacts the effectiveness of a PPC campaign. Therefore it’s imperative for a company to take care of their digital marketing presence holistically.

For this article, we shall look at PPC. By breaking down its components, and discussing why franchisors and franchisees need a marketing agency to ensure both the needs of the franchisor and franchisees, on a local and national level are met.

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What Is PPC?

Pay per click advertising is the adverts you find at the top of Google, with a small Ad print next to them. It’s a fact, 90% of online searchers do not move past page one on Google. Furthermore, those looking at page one are not scrolling down to survey every option. 

Google has built up expectations for its users; it prides itself on putting the most relevant links first. With that, online searchers come to trust that what they need on Google, shall be on the first page, usually at the top.

PPC gives franchisors an edge by helping to push the business above the organic listings. The prime position on Google out of hundreds of thousands of results is precisely where franchise companies want to be to get their business seen and heard.

Creating A PPC Campaign

To create a pay per click advert with Google Ads, business owners need to create an advert, with a link to their desired web page. The owner needs to select keywords that their intended customers are likely to search for. 

For example, a franchise restaurant called Burger Bar in New York, Brooklyn, would want their advert to appear in front of interested customers in the local vicinity. With PPC, franchise owners can specify the area they would like their advert to target when people search for ‘takeaway near me’ or ‘Burger and shake Brooklyn.’ 

Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic. – Adam Audette

Price of Keywords 

However, before you create your own Google Ads account, PPC is a little more complicated than the above description. For instance, attached to each keyword is a price. If there is an extensive range of restaurants and bars offering burgers competing for the same keywords and customers in Brooklyn, due to demand, the keywords will likely be expensive.  

Each click-thru from the advert to the website, the franchisee shall pay for. With that, franchisees need to make their PPC as targeted as possible to their intended audience. Otherwise, they could risk wasting click-thrus on people that are not interested in their service.

Website Quality

Other areas that come into play that could affect the PPC campaign’s success is the landing page. A site page rated poorly by Google is less likely to appear in the very top PPC adverts above the organic listings in Google. A website’s SEO must be improved to gain a better stance on Google for PPC also.

PPC Advert Content 

With a pay per click advert, you have “x” amount of impressions online, which customers will view when they type in a relevant keyword. The CTR (click-thru rate) depends on whether the advert is related to their search and whether the content displayed attracts the reader to click.

With some PPC advertisements, you can alter the language to make it ‘click-sexy’ to suit the customers’ search.

Conclusion: Outsource PPC To A Marketing Agency

Because the nature of PPC can become quite complicated and costly if it’s not done correctly. Particularly for the owner who initiates the rules for all other franchisees to abide by. Franchisors tend to outsource these efforts to an agency that has experience creating a desirable balance between the franchisor and franchisee. 



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