7 Secrets to a Spectacular Fall Road Trip

Fall is a beautiful time of year for a road trip. Even if you don’t venture far, you’ll surely come across some gorgeous foliage. The weather can vary but temperatures can be very pleasant and there’s still plenty of sun in the evenings. Why not get in the car and go and explore hidden gems near you for the day? You could even book a longer weekend trip and visit new cities as well. Whether you spontaneously get on the road or plan a longer vacation, here are seven secrets to a spectacular fall road trip.

Carry out routine checks

The main priority on a road trip should always be safety. Carry out routine maintenance checks and give your vehicle a thorough inspection before you go. This will help to reduce the risk of breakdown or accidents along the way. If the unfortunate does happen and you are involved in a road accident with a larger vehicle, for example, it’s worth finding the truck accident lawyer for you. This way you can ensure you’re prepared in case of an emergency. Make sure you carry any necessary documents and an emergency repair kit with you as well.

Plan your route around the foliage

There will be some spectacular foliage all around in the fall so it might be worth looking for a destination where you can best appreciate this. Look out for colored leaves and autumn flowers and crops in bloom. Plan a fall road trip through some of the most scenic routes you can find and you’ll definitely get the most out of it. Here are some of the best fall road trips for stunning scenery, for example. 

Check out autumn-centric activities

There are so many fantastic orchard-centric activities to try and it’s truly a great season for embracing the outdoors and sampling the local produce. You can go hiking, apple and pumpkin picking, visit farmers markets, go on hayrides, and more. If you’re looking to sample the fresh fall crops along the way, you could simply stop at a farm or orchard. Check out these orchard directories, for example, and find somewhere nice to stop along your route.

Enjoy sunset views

Fall often has lovely weather and the light is spectacular. Make the most of beautiful sunlight views and stop the car to take some pictures. If you’re going on a romantic road trip with your partner, this could be particularly special. Evening twilight gives off a very flattering glow so it’s worth taking a few selfies as well. That’s why it’s known in photography terms as the golden hour. Here is a guide to sunset photography with more tips and advice.

Prepare for all weathers

Although fall temperatures are often pleasant you still might get unlucky with the weather. Prepare for rain and cold as well. Take waterproof jackets and shoes with you so that you can still enjoy the outdoors even if the weather isn’t ideal. The best thing to do is embrace the weather. Have fun jumping in puddles and watching multicolored leaves blowing in the wind. You can wrap up warm in the evening and enjoy the views from inside. It’s also important to bear the weather in mind if you’re planning on staying overnight, especially if you’re camping.

Get in touch with nature

Getting out on the open road gives you the chance to explore off the beaten track and discover more remote areas. You could include areas of natural beauty on your route. This way you can get in touch with nature while you’re away which has many well-being benefits. You could even try the ancient art of forest bathing. Take a walk in a peaceful wood and simply experience the sights, sounds, and smells around you. This can have a very calming effect and you’ll return from your trip feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Why not try and identify the fall fauna as well? There should be plenty of wildlife around getting ready for hibernation.

Take picnic supplies
Take picnic supplies with you such as a blanket, plates, cups, and cutlery. This way you can grab food from local farm stalls and set up a picnic right then and there. The best thing about a road trip is the spontaneity. You have the freedom to go where the open road takes you and stop when you like. This is why road trips are great for a perfect group holiday, romantic getaway, or family vacation. During the fall, they can be even more spectacular.



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