Tips for Organizing the Perfect Group Holiday

If you and a group of your friends or family want to go on a trip together, you may wonder how best to organize it. Although it is a great idea, at the same time, it may fill you with a small amount of dread, especially if you have offered to organize it. However, having a holiday with your closest can open you up to new experiences, and sometimes it really is better to have shared memories. So, if you want the best group holiday, then take a look at the list below to help you with your plans.

The Budget   

Unless you have someone in the group who is seriously well off and want to pay for everyone, the wisest thing to do would be to agree on a budget. First, you want to agree on a price you can all afford for the actual holiday itself – meaning the flights and hotel, or holiday home, for example. Then maybe, if you want to, you could create a kitty, where everyone contributes to holiday spending. As the organizer, you could use this money to pay for excursions, car hires, etc. 

The Destination

First, it may be an idea to check with everyone what kind of holiday they want, a beach holiday, a city break, maybe somewhere rural, or even somewhere cold. Perhaps when you are agreeing on the budget, you can then discuss the type of holiday everyone will be happy with. At this stage, it may be an idea if anyone has any serious objections to a specific location. Also, consider the length of stay too, cause you hardly want to be spending a day traveling there and a day back when you’re only gone for five days. When it comes to traveling, if there are any kids involved, this may cause you to want a shorter flight time too. Armed with that knowledge, you can begin shortlisting destination that fits the budget. 

Will You Go for the Package Deal?

For the sake of convenience, a package deal may be just the ticket. However, you do not get as much flexibility in booking this way. Packages deals usually correspond with a resort, so as long as this is the type of holiday you are after, go for it. 

The Base

It may be a great idea to book a house on Airbnb or something. This means that you are all together, and it could prove far superior to a hotel as you have the flexibility to have barbeques, make food together, have your own pool, etc. Maybe you are looking for a bit more of an adventure holiday, well perhaps you can consider hostels for backpackers. A single hotel with however many rooms needed is always a great shout, too, especially if you are all-inclusive. This is a much easier option as there is no need to go food shopping. So the base really depends on the group.

Use Help When Offered

It is highly likely that some, if not all, the people involved in the holiday will want to help you out in the organizing department, so get good at delegating tasks. If the group is particularly large, it may get a little difficult, so why not use the help when offered. Maybe someone could organize the flights, another the hotels, another the excursions. That makes everyone feel as if they have played hither part and it can help you not feel so stressed. If you find the planning particularly difficult or simply want some professional advice, you can always use group travel planners. It s their job to do this exact thing so they will be able to find the best deals for you. 

Create a Group Chat

This is a great way to ensure that everyone is aware of the plans at all times. If anyone has any particular objection to the way they see things going, they are perfectly welcome to make this clear on the chat. You can discuss excursions and things you have found out, you can use it to vote on thong when seeing each other is too difficult. A group chat resolves any confusion that may be occurring and leaves the line of communication permanently open.

Something for Everyone Including You

Make sure everyone’s feelings have been considered. If there are certain things someone desperately wants to do, then cater for them. As long as everyone feels listened to, and there is a plan of action, things should go smoothly. 



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