#TransTip: No Negotiable Rates for First Time Clients

Translators, please stop giving first time clients your rates and then stating that they are negotiable! This is the most unprofessional thing to do and it sets things totally on […]

TransPremium Turns 8!

Wow… to think that eight years ago, I took the bold decision to establish my own business. This decision came with its own set of ups and downs, but frankly, […]

The Reasons why a Copywriter should Never take Free Tests

I’m well-known for refusing to take free tests. The last time I blogged about this subject, all hell broke loose. In our highly competitive market, I can understand why. However, […]

#TransTip: The Professional Way of Emailing your Resume to Potential Employers

This blog post was long overdue. In fact, I don’t even know why it took me so long to write it. During the 8 years since establishing my business in […]

The Reasons why I don’t Believe in Free Translation Tests Anymore

When you’re a fresh grad, you get fooled easily. Why? Simply because you have no experience, and you think that whatever is uttered by your idols is God sent, and […]

Some Translators think that if we Charge Fair Rates instead of Poor Ones, We’d Be Stealing People’s Money

Excuse me while I go FacePalm, really hard. The difference between translators in Lebanon and translators abroad, is that the latter have the utmost respect and value for their profession. […]

When will Clients stop Thinking we would Actually work for Peanuts?

After a long day of translations, I got a call from one of my friends and business associates and he handed the phone over to his client, for whom I […]