Neofuturistic Architect Zaha Hadid Dead at Age 65

One of the world’s most influential architects, Dame Zaha Hadid, died today at the age of 65 after suffering from a heart attack while being treated for bronchitis in a […]

Is it a Hat? Is it a Cap? Your Ultimate Guide in One Photo

I’ve been meaning to establish a “Thesaurus” series for so long and finally decided to get on with it. I love photos that serve as a specific “thesaurus” with specific […]

5 Types of Clients You Should Absolutely Keep

Being a freelancer means meeting endless types of clients on a daily basis. Some are a breath of fresh air and so amazing to work with, while others give you […]

Happy Easter from TransPremium!

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope you spend egg-cellent holidays, and remember to go easy on the maamoul, chocolate eggs and Easter cookies! Oh, and don’t […]

The Privilege of Being Bilingual: What Every Single Lebanese in the World can Relate to

I came across this photo on Facebook the other day and it rang a bell with me. Being bilingual is nice and code-switching comes with the territory. This is the […]

#TransTips: Common Office Aches and Pains and how to ease them

Yeah yeah, you probably heard or read that a zillion times by now. The life of a translator – or any other office employee for that matter – is not […]

Nizar Qabbani and World Poetry Day

March 21 marks World Poetry Day, first declared by UNESCO in 1999. As stated on Wikipedia, it is a day to promote reading, writing, publishing and teaching poetry. throughout the […]