It’s Your 7th Birthday

7 years ago today, I joined the mamasphere. When I first heard you cry, it made me cry. The moment was raw, unreal, and nothing like I have ever experienced before. I couldn’t describe what I was feeling; I still can’t.

Trying to wrap my head around the motherhood journey is simply not doable. You turned my life upside down with your contagious laugh and chubby cheeks.

When you were first born, you had red hair and blue eyes. Your locks later turned blonde and your eyes sharp green. And it’s fascinating all the changes you went through. I look at you now and realize you’re no longer a baby.

You’re a big boy now, and you will keep on growing, but can we agree that you do it slowly? Please? I mean, how did we go from diaper changing to having the tooth fairy visit us every other night so fast? And how did we go from saying “Mama” to speaking 3 languages fluently? I don’t think I’m ready yet for all your new milestones. I don’t think I’ll ever be.

You’re not just a big boy, you’re also a great big brother, and I am the proudest mom there is.

I’m not saying this because I’m your mom, but everyone who knows you knows how smart, witty and goodhearted you are. You have the power of making everybody love you, and that is a true blessing.

Today is your 7th birthday. You have an entire life of milestones ahead of you, and I am not going to complain anymore about time passing by so fast. I will just live in the moment, enjoy life’s everyday little details, and simply be grateful that you are my son.

I am lucky to be your mom, and I promise you, my love, that I will always, always, always be your Number 1 fan. So go ahead, spread your wings and fly, soar, reach to the highest skies and beyond, and dream big, follow your dreams and be the best version of yourself. There will never be something that you do that will make me stop loving you.

You made me the happiest mom for the past 7 years, and I am sure the best is yet to come.

Happy 7th, my sweetest Maroun!

Only “U” matter 🙂

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