5 Quick and Healthy Snacks to get you through your Hectic Day

We all know what it feels like to have a very busy schedule with very little time to have a quick, healthy snack that boosts our energy levels. I know so many people who say “healthy snacks need time to prepare”, thus opting for unhealthy stuff to nibble on while working. Well, this myth is about to be busted! The following are 5 super quick and healthy snacks that can help you get through until your next hearty meal.


Fruits and Vegetables

It’s a no brainer. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a quick snack and a great source of vitamins. It doesn’t take much to throw a bag of grapes, an apple or even a bunch of baby carrots in your handbag!



Nuts are an awesome source of healthy, lean fats; plus they are so fun to snack on! Always keep a handful of raw almonds around; they actually come in handy!


Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs are one of the best sources of protein, with egg whites containing 100% protein, which makes them a great snack because they will keep you feeling full for a longer time. If you’re a health fanatic, you can discard the yolk.

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Not only are dairy products a great source of calcium, but they also contain a good amount of protein. In fact, milk contains around 33% protein. Therefore, a glass of nonfat milk or half a cup of nonfat plain yogurt will definitely do the trick. As for the dairy-free and gluten-free craze going on at the moment, I do believe that not everyone should be dairy-free or gluten-free. However, if you’re gluten or lactose intolerant, just opt for unsweetened almond milk or even soy milk.

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Leftovers Sandwich

I know this might sound awkward, but it’s very quick and easy to prepare. Use whatever leftover veggies you have from the previous night’s dinner, put them on some pita bread, add a couple of slices of cheese and roll everything up; and that’s a wrap! If you don’t have pita bread on hand, you can use any bread; just make sure you scoop out the center. You don’t need those extra carbs and calories anyway!


Do you have any other quick and healthy snack ideas? I’d love it if you shared them in the comments below!


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