Happy Valentine’s… Love Someone Today!

Feb 14So it’s Valentine’s Day; it also happens to be a Friday. So I think people have more than one reason to be happy today.

I’ve always believed that one does not need only one day a year to spread the love. Love is beautiful year round, and while I wait to fall in love all over again when I deliver my baby, I’m feeling a lot of love around, both on the personal and professional levels of my life.

February is a month that I’ve grown to love as far as my personal life is concerned. I gave birth to my first son on February 26, 2010. Two years ago, in February, I had an extreme kitchen makeover; yes, this is huge for me because I believe I would have been a chef in another life! As for last February, I was in the best shape of my life after embracing a new, healthy lifestyle and training on a daily basis (I am a fitness fanatic!). This February, I have a bun in the oven! How can I not love this month? It’s been showing me a lot of love for a few years now!

February was also kind to me on the professional level. I nailed a huge business deal in February 2009 that lasted an entire year. I became a sworn translator on February 26, 2011. Things aren’t any different this time around…

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last blogged. I’ve been overwhelmed.  It even took me all day to write this post! I had to take several breaks! I love my job, so I can never complain, especially that I am my own boss, which makes it even more fun and more enjoyable.

Not only have I been receiving huge workloads from existing clients this month, but I also managed to gain a new client, and a major one for that matter!

When you feel loved, you have to spread the love around!

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s day, and may all your days be filled with love!

Don’t forget, love someone today. Anyone!



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