On International Coffee Day: An Ode to the Translator’s Favorite Beverage

If you come to me with a hot cup of Joe

How on Earth would my answer be no?

Coffee is good any time of the day

Coffee is love, needless to say

But when you come to me with an early morning job

You will get no reply until I finish my cup!

I won’t answer any emails, I might turn off my phone

Before I get my caffeine fix, you better leave me alone

American, French press, espresso or Turkish

Without coffee, my translations sound Gibberish

I’ll be rather grumpy, my words not too accurate

Better be careful, dear Client; the situation is delicate!

“Wake up and smell the coffee” are my favorite words to hear

On International Coffee day, let’s all rejoice and cheer!


Coffee Day

Special thanks to Ellis Wakefield and his team for the above cool graphic! Check them out on this link.

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