Top 5 Things that Happen when you Learn a New Language

While there are pluses and minuses for everything in life, learning is the only thing that has no disadvantages in my opinion, especially when it is learning a new language. […]

#Recipe: Moroccan Harira

Moroccan cuisine is by far my absolute favorite (yes, I prefer it to Lebanese – don’t go all ooh and ahh now). I was born and raised in Morocco, and […]

Gobble That Down! The International Sounds of Eating

I was only familiar with 3 of them. It’s really interesting to learn what sounds people around the world make when eating. The Arabic sound would definitely be “Aam” (عم). […]

On International Translation Day: A Glimpse of Who I Am

On September 30 of every year, the world celebrates Translation Day, which is Saint Jerome’s Day (the patron saint of translators, aka the Bible translator). This year’s Translation Day post […]

The Added Value of Professional Interpreters

the AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters, aka “Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence” in French) released an amazingly accurate animated video explaining the importance of hiring professional conference interpreters […]

Basic Dough Recipe

I basically have 2 dough recipes that I use for almost all bread types that I bake: the first being the brioche bread recipe, and the second being the basic […]

Mon Ami Gabi: Perfection on All Fronts

It was our last few hours in Fabulous Las Vegas, it was lunchtime, and we wanted our last meal to be unforgettable, but we had no reservations and no plans. […]