Fun Hobbies You Can Do Sitting Down

There is nothing nice about being injured or ill and feeling unable to do any of the things we love. It is common when feeling under the weather that we sit bored wondering how to spend our time, and this can make us feel even worse and often drag the time out more. 

But today we want to talk about some of the ways that you can enjoy activities even while sitting down. So whether you are on bed rest for an injury or illness, you can try some fun activites to pass the time and make you feel better. 

Online quizzes 

The first of the activities you can easily do from your bed is online quizzes. There is a website called Sporcle which offers many different quizzes over a whole range of topics, so whether you want to try and name all of the countries of the world, or the first 151 pokemon – there is a quiz suited for you. You’ll spend hour on this game and you will also likely learn something fun along the way! 


If you are on bed rest due to surgery recovery, one relaxing and fun activity to try this week is knitting. Although you may think that knitting is only for grandmas this is really not the case, and many younger people are taking up thos hobby to be creative and make their own hats and scarves. Try out a knitting kit or start with some online tutorials and you’ll soon be knitting the most amazing clothes and blankets for yourself and your family and friends. 


If you have an artistic streak and you fancy trying it out today, one thing you can do is create a stunning painting on your table. Painting can be a wide and fun hobby and whether you choose to use acrylics or watercolours for your work there are plenty of fun options for you to consider. Try your hand at an online painting tutorial or watch artists on Youtube to get inspiration and have fun! 


You may think that you have to be stood up or bent over to garden, however you can still enjoy the art of gardening while sitting down in your living room. Terrariums are a popular gift as well as an artform and this involves taking a metal and glass vessel and filling it with rocks, sand, soil, moss, and succulents. You can spend time creating your own mini landscape in your own living room and this will serve as a stunning feature in your home. The best part is you can do this all while sitting at your kitchen table! 


If you are looking for a fun and more unique way to create this week, pottery can be a great idea for you. You can create anything from plates and planters to ornaments and decorations for ther house. Pottery is super fun, albeit a little messy, but it can be a great way to get those creative juices flowing this week and take your mind off your illness or injury. 


When it comes to building creativity while sitting down there is nothing quite like writing. Creative writing can come in many forms such as novels, short stories, poems and even songs. Play around with words and create your own world this week, with no rules but the ones that you set yourself. 


You may think that journaling is the same thing as writing but this is not at all the case. Do you have a goal you want to achieve this year and you are struggling to motivate yourself? Journaling can be a useful way to organise your life and allow you to achieve your goals. By creating pages such as monthly calendars, weekly to do lists, and goal trackers you can track every aspect of your life and ensure that you are making the most of every day. Look up bullet journals online and uoi’ll soon see a wealth and breadth of information and inspiration to play with. 


Sewing, in a similar way to knitting, can be a fun way to create pieces as well as artwork while sitting down in your chair. You can buy kits for sewing stuffed toys and other items, and you can even try buying some fabric and making your own unique dress or shirt. There are lots of different things you can create with sewing, and all of them involve sitting down. 

Try these activity if you are stuck sitting down this week and hopefully it will help you pass the time and find a new love. 



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