The Marketing Opportunities You Won’t Want To Forget About

In a world saturated with digital marketing, a small business can struggle to stand out. It can be hard to be original and unique when everyone else is trying to do the same thing. And because of that, you can be discouraged to try anything new with your marketing. Why bother trying, when you’re probably going to be drowned out? Why not save the money for a better use elsewhere? 

It can be a realistic thought to have, but this kind of attitude can lead to a low level of satisfaction within your business. Feeling like you can’t get anywhere before you’ve even started – it’s not a good sign! You deserve better and so does your business. 

And that’s why it’s good to consider your marketing strategy again; the marketing world is expanding every single day, and there are so many things you could try. Once you take a look, you’ll see so many opportunities you could capitalize on that could end up snowballing. 

Think about it: even just one acquisition or new lead means the campaign was a success! It’s worth a try! And when you enjoy doing something, it’s never a waste of time or resources. To get started on a roll, you’ve simply got to put your passion and belief into what you do. 

The tips we’ve listed here might even be able to help with that. There are some marketing opportunities out there that tend to be forgotten about, but if you pick them up, you’ll approach the market in a way your competitors won’t even think to. Keep on reading to find out more.

Creating Your Own Content

In a world of content, could you stand out by creating your own? Absolutely. You’ve got a website and a social media presence – use them! Make your own blog posts, write your own how-to guides, film and edit videos, and then link them all to each other. 

Your aim here is to keep someone on your page for as long as possible, which means giving them a treasure trove to dip into.  Don’t worry, that’s nowhere near as hard as it sounds, as you can always draft and edit something before uploading it. 

Indeed, try to create some value here; something interesting visitors to your site can really dig into. It’s not just about throwing up some product copy and a contact page. You need to have plenty of things to say about your product and the way it can be used, as well as product comparisons and lifestyle guides within the niche you’re targeting. 

Remember, the more someone likes the content you create, the more likely they are to buy something. As such, you should try to institute an entire editing process you can really benefit from. Take time to refine it, experiment with content types here and there, and make sure you’re ready to upload something new at least once a week. It’s the best way to keep a potential customer’s attention. 

Buy Something, Get Something Free Promotions

A freebie is always going to be an attractive offer. If you can pop something small in with every order you receive, you can bring in more customers based on that fact alone. So be loud about it, and make sure it’s one of the first things you mention whenever you market your product. 

Now, this complementary item could be anything. Stickers, badges, small novelty figurines, small samples of other products – the list goes on and on. As long as it fits into the packaging and doesn’t disrupt the purpose of the original product, it can be advertised as something a customer could get two for one. 

Run it as a small promotion and see how well it does. Even just a couple weeks of freebies can bring around ten times the amount of custom you usually deal with, and that’s a good sign for the future! As such, quite a few companies have used this strategy to great effect and continue to do so even in 2023, so why not join their ranks? 

Pop Up Shops and Stalls

A pop up shop is a great limited time offer. After all, you bring your business to your customer base’s home turf and make it easy to shop in person. And when something is only around for a couple days to a week, people are going to want to check it out as soon as possible. When you create a sense of urgency, you get an urgent response! 

As you pop up, make sure you run a few exclusive discounts or a small term loyalty program. For example, if they buy something here, they get 15% off an online purchase, or a stamp for every product they buy which leads to an even bigger online discount. Reward their effort and you’ll see your pop up idea become a success very quickly! 

However, so many companies write off pop up stalls. Sure, they can be a bit of a hassle to arrange, but the results speak for themselves. When you choose your location right and pick your timing perfectly, you’ll stand out from the crowd with a big shiny sign leading straight into your store front. Take your time to do research into the best place to hire out, and make sure you know where the majority of your local customers are! 

Your Product Packaging

Your product packaging: is it simply a protective layer? Not at all! It’s another chance to market yourself directly to the customer at the closest level: when they’re already browsing or something to buy or when they’re headed to the checkout. 

It’s a form of face to face marketing that so many businesses forget about. You’re right here, right next to a customer’s basket, and your product packaging could be the last detail that helps them make up their mind. So it needs to look very good! 

Firstly, you need to be informative. Don’t let a customer try and guess at what you can help them with – tell them directly. A new OTC (over the counter) medicine, vitamin tablet, or topical cream would need to be upfront about what it can help with. Working with a company like the Jones Healthcare Group would enable you to get that stated clearly, but then it’s up to you how the ties into your overall look.

Once you’ve said what you need to, you’ll need to choose the font, the visual layout, the style of the graphics, and the shape of the packaging itself. And don’t forget to consider the durability of the package either. Something heavy, or something being transported long distances, will need a sturdy container to ship in. 

Easy to Enter Giveaways

Giveaways are always going to be an exciting prospect – we all love a freebie, remember? And when you’re in with an equal chance as someone else to win, you’re going to throw your name into the hat regardless. Simple, right? 

Not quite. The more fuss someone has to go through, the more they’re going to scroll past, and even when they don’t really have to do anything! 

You’ve probably seen a lot of businesses run giveaways where they’ll ask for those entering to tag friends. That’s fine – great even. It’s great for your exposure and opening up your platform to new customers! However, the more friends you need someone to tag, the more they’ll feel like not bothering. Stick to one or two for best results.

Make Your Own Hashtag

If you have your own hashtag, you have a curated space for people to post about your product. Whatever people say about you within this hashtag you can use as ideas for website content, or as testimonials to place on your reviews page. 

But pick your platform carefully! For example, this works particularly well on Instagram, where it’s easy to create and follow tags. However, Facebook might make it a bit awkward to participate. You can post on your page pretty easily, but following hashtags away from it is a little less intuitive. 

Get the trend started by asking your followers to use a new hashtag you’ve come up with, and even turn it into a competition. The person with the best post each month, or a randomly selected post, wins something from the product prize pot – that could be a great incentive to pull people in. 

Could You Use a New Marketing Opportunity? 

Most small businesses could, but choose wisely. A good marketing opportunity is one you can immediately generate some ideas for. If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, jump on these chances whenever they pass you by. 

Do your research, speak to your customers on a personal level, and don’t be afraid to get interactive. A business that brings something fun into the crowd will always be chosen over one that simply posts online. Combine the two and you’ll cover all your bases, and pick up leads in places you may never even have considered! 



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