What’s Annoying You About Your Business?

Being in business can be annoying. Maybe you’re finding it hard to stay productive right now, or maybe you just haven’t got the time to get on with the tasks you really need to do to get your side hustle off of the ground. Either way, you’re finding your business a bit annoying to work with right now, and you’re not sure what to do to change it! However, if you’re having trouble with any of the common annoyances below, we’ve got some ideas for you. 

Maybe the Paperwork Takes an Age

Paperwork is something we all detest needing to do. From simply answering a few emails, which can take an age on its own, to needing to fill out and file a thousand different documents for the local government, the insurance company, and anyone in between. How do you cope? 

It’s all about organization here, and knowing when and where certain papers will be mailed to you. Make sure you have a proper filing system to keep everything in place – it’ll take time now, but it’ll save you so much in the future, you’ll never regret sorting by color, letter, or number

Maybe the Computer isn’t Working Properly

If you have to use a computer on a daily basis, and you’re not sure how to fix it when it goes slow, or when it won’t connect to the internet, or when it just seems to stop working altogether, you’re going to end the day much more frustrated than when you began it! You need your computer to be the most efficient machine in your business, so it’s time to sort out these problems. 

Check out links such as if you know you’re in need of an IT professional to try and sort out that janky laptop you’re forced to work with right now. Because above all else, you need some infrastructure on your side in the IT department, to ensure there’s always some support available for a slow and laggy day. 

Things Are Not Going to Plan

When you started your business it is likely you had a plan in place. A business strategy allowing you to map out your business operations to enable growth and profitability. However, perhaps things are not going quite to plan. There may have been hurdles or unforeseen problems along the way, or maybe your plan wasn’t quite sufficient to enable the growth you had anticipated. It may even be that things are going to plan but actually, you could plan bigger and better to achieve more. If you find yourself stuck in a rut or struggling to keep pace with your plan it is time to stop and re-think. Go back to the drawing board. Spend some time collecting relevant data from your business. What aspects have performed well and why? What hasn’t performed well? Is there a staffing issue? Marketing? Relations? Look at every sector of your business and gather as much data and information as you can so you can effectively analyze the problem. Only by doing this will you be able to make informed decisions about what practices you may need to change and how. This will then allow you to re-group and re-plan your strategy. By executing a business strategy more effectively than the competition you will propel your business forward. Don’t forget if you are in doubt or really struggling with certain aspects then call upon the appropriate experts in the appropriate fields to offer their help. Investing a little can go a long way. 

Maybe those Networking Efforts aren’t Working Out

And finally, you’re getting real tired of networking to the best of your ability, and then getting nothing on the other side. Maybe you’re conscious of how annoying you yourself are perceived to be, or maybe you just get nothing from the people you connect with, aside from a few marketing emails that are entirely in their favor. 

Well, it’s time to go a little deeper into these interactions. If you know this next contact could be a big one, you need to present your best self. Refine your pitch, ask more questions than you usually would, and always be time conscious – try not to interrupt other people, and try not to send time sensitive messages or emails out to them. 

Running a business can get annoying sometimes. So whether you’re just working from home or have an office of your own, keep these ideas in mind when things get rough. 



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