Why Healing Your Trauma Could Be The Key To Happiness

In life there are two kinds of trauma – trauma with a capital T, and trauma with a little T. Trauma can occur from losing a job, the break up of a relationship, the death of a pet, the loss of a friendship, and even selling your family home. It’s important to acknowledge this rather than view it through the lens of shame. 

The fact is, while many of us may not have experienced trauma on a large scale, many things in our lives can compound and leave us with stressed out nervous systems, unhealthy mindsets, and unhappy lives. Most don’t realize that this is a result of trauma at all, but once you understand this and work to understand your own trauma and where that came from, you could well change your life. 

Trauma, both big and little, can change us from the inside out. It can cause stress responses that we simply cannot help – such as getting an anxiety attack in a seemingly harmless place. The body really does keep the score, and if we don’t address our trauma in the long term, we could end up with both mental and physical illness. Here are some pointers to identifying and healing your own personal trauma. This may seem like a self indulgent journey, but putting your own oxygen mask on first will help you to help others in your life:


Seek The Assistance Of A Professional 

Know that it can be very difficult to do trauma work on your own. You don’t have to do it by yourself. Seek the assistance of a trauma professional and you should be able to come up with a suitable plan. 

Practice Meditation and Mindfulness 

Practicing meditation and mindfulness can be the key to stopping yourself in your tracks when you find yourself about to repeat an old pattern. An addict may know the risks of codeine addiction, but without healing their trauma they won’t likely stop themselves from taking it. A meditation practice and daily mindfulness can change your life in so many ways. 

Incorporate Movement Into Your Daily Routine

Endorphins are essential for a happy life, so find a way to get them flowing each day. Exercise helps us to feel safe and stable, whether it’s yoga, walking, or resistance training. Do something that makes you feel good and you’ll benefit in both the short and long term. 

Accept Support From Loved Ones

Don’t be afraid to ask for and accept support from your loved ones. They should want to help and support you. Plus, they may feel inspired to take on their own trauma healing journey. 

Know That You Deserve To Heal

Past trauma can leave us feeling undeserving of certain things. The truth is, you absolutely deserve to heal. You are a valuable human being, and you don’t need to be perfect, productive, or fit society’s mold in any way. The fact you are living and breathing makes you deserving of healing, understanding, and care!

Observe Your Feelings

Feeling your feelings is key. Most people try to push them away or deny them. When you’re ready to take yourself on this journey, you need to be prepared to feel them. You should name them first. What is it you’re feeling? You can then feel them and observe them – don’t try to push them away or hide them. Let yourself cry. If you feel angry, hit a pillow. Let it out in some way, and don’t let it get stuck. Getting your feelings moving inside of you so you can move through them and make a change is a must for effective trauma work. Remember, we can and do carry old feelings forwards into new situations. This means, for example, you think that your spouse is upsetting you, but in reality, something an old partner did (that you never worked through) is still playing on your mind. It can be that simple. 

Without doing the work here, you could easily become emotionally stuck. Many people are in this situation today and don’t realize it. Your emotions can begin to own you, and you can be ruled by your past. You will likely repeat the same patterns again and again until you take the steps to heal. It takes courage, but you deserve to go on this journey and live a healthy, happy life free from past hurt. 

Are you ready to take yourself on a journey to heal your trauma and become happier and healthier for life? Leave a comment below!



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