How to Make an Infant Sleep Better

Many infants tend to follow different sleep patterns. For a baby to sleep longer, a parent needs to find a suitable method that suits their baby. An infant who sleeps better becomes a happy and very engaging baby. Therefore, once you get what suits them, you and your partner will have a humble time to hang out together. One of the main things is to ensure they sleep in a quality bjs mattress, clean beddings, and a cozy room. In this article, are ways to make an infant sleep better. As a result, it will give you and your spouse a humble time and quality sleep.  

1. Swaddle 

 When you swaddle babies who are between birth to age five months, they sleep well. Swaddling helps babies not to have the startle reflex. Babies who sleep facing an upward position tend to have this startle reflex most of the time. Hence, the baby will keep on waking up most of the time, and this will cause the baby to be restless. Babies who sleep in tight swaddles tend to sleep longer and better because they do not get the jerking movements. Babies who have good sleeping patterns tend to be less fussy and become very healthy babies. Consult your doctor if you are not sure how to swaddle your baby properly.  

2.Limit the length of naps during the day. 

As a parent, it is important to monitor how long your infant sleeps during the day. This is to prevent your baby from oversleeping during the day. A baby who sleeps during the day and during night time will be awake most of the time. This tendency will cause stress to the parents. Because this is the time they should be resting from their daily activities. Therefore, a baby should have a good sleeping pattern put in place by the parent. Thus, it will increase the feeding times, which is good for the baby’s health. 

3. Avoid rushing in the babies room  

When the baby starts to cry or rustle, the first notion for any parent is to rush in and console their baby. However, this is not bad, but it is mostly not encouraging since the baby might fall into a bad sleep pattern, knowing there is an immediate response. Bad sleep habits start when an infant starts crying, and the parent keeps rushing in to console the baby. When this happens, give the baby some time and see if he or she will resettle down. Waiting between 3-5 minutes to see if your baby will stop crying is a good start because there is no exact science on this. However, if your baby’s cries escalate, cuddle them more.  

4.Lay the baby down awake, but drowsy 

The best way to train a baby to sleep faster is to let the baby fall asleep independently. Training a baby on independent sleeping is the most important way for a parent to have ample time to themselves. Infants mostly wake up at night, and if a baby is not independent in falling back to sleep on their own, it can be very hectic for a parent. Infants tend to wake up at night, either for a diaper change or feeding time. Once you feed the baby, cuddle the baby back to sleep quietly. The beauty of babies is that they grow very fast, and before you know it, they drift off to sleep most of the time on their own. 

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5. Understand how a baby sleeps 

Knowing your baby’s sleep patterns as a parent is very important. This will enable a parent to be able to establish early enough if the baby has any problem. If your baby has a sleeping routine and it changes after some time. As a parent, you will know that something is wrong with your baby. Therefore, limiting your baby night naps is very fruitful for you because you will be able to get more feeding times for your baby. A baby’s behavior is dependent on how the parent reacts to the baby’s reactions. It is the parent who will decide to make time for themselves or not, by how they react to the baby’s behavior. 



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