How To Write An SEO-Friendly Product Description: Tips for increasing conversions

You’re probably wondering how you can write an SEO-friendly product description. Well, worry not! This article will give you some tips that will help increase your conversion rates and generate more revenue for your business. 

Highlight the Key Features

The key features are what will help you sell your product. They catch the eye and captures interest, making it more likely to be viewed. Some standard feature highlights include: 

  • What is this item? 
  • How does it work? 
  • Who would use this item? 

These are just a few examples of how to make your product stand out from the crowd! Highlighting the key features is an easy way to improve your conversion rates. 

Get Product Understanding

A product description is an essential cornerstone of the online shopping experience. Unfortunately, it’s also one with a ton of potential for mistakes and oversights that can sap away at sales. This list of common pitfalls to avoid will help you stay on the right path: 

  • Don’t just copy off the manufacturer page 
  • The first sentence should briefly introduce what the item is without being too vague. Include all necessary specifications in subsequent paragraphs, not in separate bullet points below the introductory paragraph, as readers will scan through them only if they’re specifically looking for those details
  • Try to use plain language rather than technical jargon unless you know your audience consists of a high percentage of engineers
  • Include as much detail about the product (both in text and images) as you can: include dimensions, weight, colors available, or any other information that would be relevant to potential customers
  • Don’t tell people what they should do with the item – focus on informing them instead 
  • Check for spelling errors before publishing!

With the customer’s understanding of what you’re trying to sell, it’ll be easier for them to decide whether they want your product. In addition, your audience will understand why this is better than other products and compare prices with their budget in mind.

Define Your Target Audience

If you want to learn how to write product descriptions to increase conversions, you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience. Below are some suggestions for defining who the primary buyer or users might be and what they would like.

Younger audiences prefer descriptions with more humor and less jargon. use words such as “cool” or “awesome.” They also appreciate when companies give them access to special offers if they share social media posts about their products on their networks. 

Older audiences (over 45) often look for specific uses for items, so make sure you include these details in your content. Baby boomers may need help deciding between two products, so provide them with some pros and cons for each option.

Use Plain Language

Use plain language when writing your product description. Avoid flowery, overly complicated sentences and words that might confuse readers. Please keep it simple! 

Avoid using jargon or acronyms to describe the equipment in a purchase. However, it is essential for customer reviews on sites like Amazon, which use natural language processing (NLP) tools to analyze keywords and phrases with their algorithms. If you are unsure of what it means, read up about semantic search engines before publishing your content, as they will significantly impact the relevancy of your page ranking in SERPs.

Be informative

A concise yet informative product description can help increase your conversion rates. It is not to say that you should be short with customers; instead, a detailed and compelling product description will encourage consumers to buy from your store because they are more informed about the item before purchasing it.

The goal is to provide what visitors need as quickly as possible to find all relevant information within one or two clicks instead of clicking on several tabs to get basic details like price and availability.

Use a Catchy, Unique but Precise Tone

Remember that product descriptions have a dual purpose: they are promotional content and informational. It means you need to make sure your tone is on-point with the rest of your site’s information pages, informative but still engaging! 

If it sounds too much like an advert or someone speaking in a monotonous tone, customers will start doubting your reviews and buying what you’re selling. Remember to use language as though you were talking about this thing over coffee, not reading out loud at total volume for everyone in the room to hear.


In conclusion, SEO-friendly product descriptions should be informative and catchy. In addition, they should use plain language targeted at a specific audience to increase conversions.



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