The Essentials To Buy When You Are Getting A Puppy

Getting a dog is a huge step in your road to adulthood and it is something that a lot of us do once we feel settled in our routine and know where we stand in our lives. 

When you want to adopt a dog and bring it into your family there are a lot of things you need to consider and you will want to get the home ready for your furry arrival way before you bring them home. 

Today we want to talk about some of the essential items you need to buy if you are looking to adopt a dog this year and how you can get your home ready. 

Dog bowls 

When you get a dog they will need their food own bowls for both their food and their water throughout the day. It might seem like enough to just buy one water bowl and one food bowl however unless you want to be constantly washing the bowl between feeding times it is a good idea to grab a few bowls for your dog and make sure that they have some spare. 

A comfy bed 

Your dog is a part of the family and you need to think of it like bringing a dirty child into your home. You want to make sure that your dog is as comfortable as possible while living with you because after all – your house is his whole world. Buying a comfortable dog bed can be a little pricey however a good quality can last for years and allow your dog to sleep soundly. You will want to invest in 2 beds: one for downstairs and one for upstairs at bedtime. 

Flea and worming treatment 

It is important when adopting a dog to understand that they will need both flea and worming treatment now and again to keep them healthy. Fleas and worms will enter your dog’s fur or system from the outside world so you need to treat this every few months to ensure they don’t get sick. Even though there are lots of over the counter ones to choose from you are best off talking to your vet first to get some advice. 

A secure lead and harness 

One of the things you need to consider if you are to get a dog is the lead and harness. You might get a breed such as labrador retriever puppies here which require some extra strength with a lead because they are often very strong and will pull when they get excitable. It is important to consider getting a harness for your dog if they do pull a lot because rather than them putting strain on their neck and pulling, they will instead pull their whole torso and this is better for both of you. 

Grooming equipment 

Depending on the dog breed you go for you may need to groom them quite often. For example a poodle will need almost daily brushing and grooming whereas a shorter haired dog like a pig might only need a brush once every few weeks just to get rid of dead skin and hair. When picking your grooming equipment it’s a good idea to grab a clipper, some hair scissors, a few brushes and some shampoo and conditioner. 

Dry food 

When getting a dog you need to ensure that you are able to feed them the best and most nutritious food possible. There are plenty of dry foods that provide some brilliant health benefits for your dog and you should consider trying out a few different ones to find which is the best for your dog. A great dry food is not only brilliant for your dogs health, but it will be good for their teeth as well. 

Wet food 

As well as fry food, it is important that you give your dog wet food to mix with this to give them a balanced and full diet. Mixing wet and dry food at meal times is a good way to give your dog all the nutrients they need as well as a tasty meal. You can find wet food in jelly or gravy and you might have to play around with a few different ones before you find the right one for your dog this year. 


Toys are an essential thing to buy before you adopt a dog and it is important to spend lots of time picking out toys that will stimulate your dog’s mind as well as be fun for them. A soft toy is a must, and you can also consider things such as a kong toy to chew on, some squeaky toys to play fetch with, a rope, ball, and something such as a treat maze to keep them occupied during the day. 

Pet insurance 

One cost you may not have considered when adopting a dog is pet insurance. Pet insurance was not as common back 20 years ago so you might have grown up with family pets that weren’t insured – but now it is an important thing to invest in and a great idea for you this year. Pet insurance can be relatively cheap and it will allow you to feel peace of mind as you look after your dog. If they do suffer illness or injury you can use your pet insurance to pay the bills and it will make a massive difference to you and your dog. 

A pet door 

One thing you can consider doing when your dog is out of enough to go outside is a dog door at the back of the house. This will allow your dog to go out for the toilet or to play during the day and you can seal it up at night to keep them in. It is useful to do if you are working at home and want to be able to concentrate on your work without getting up to let your dog out for a wee every hour. 

Use this list to equip your home for your dog today 🙂



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