Bless you! How to sneeze in 10 Languages

I would add “Atchoum” in French.

Interestingly, the equivalent of “a sneeze” in Arabic is عطسة which reads as “At’ssa” and sounds like the act itself!





How do you sneeze in your language? Let us know in the comments section below!


10 thoughts on “Bless you! How to sneeze in 10 Languages

  1. As you have said, every one express a sound when he sneezes. The chirping of birds and the roaring of lion, and the voices of many animals do not have meaning! They are merely sounds. But the human sound production (Articulation) is systematic. And so we allot meaning to each sound segments. For example when you ride a horse you make many different sounds to guide it. You cannot write all of them. They are mearely sounds and there are no representations for them. Similarly, the sounds for Sneezing are expressed using the Phonemes available in that language, which may differ language to language.

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