The Sad Truth of Hiring Employees Nowadays

Recruiters, Human Resources Managers, and all employers for that matter need to take a step back and realize that everybody deserves a chance. To climb the ladder, you start from […]

A Story on the Importance of Skills Development

“Once upon a time, a woodcutter asked for a job with a timber merchant, and he got it. The pay was really good and so were the work conditions. For […]

Le Fran├žais est une Langue Magnifique

The below joke made my day ­čśÇ “Le fran├žais est une langue magnifique” J’ai pass├ę un coup de fil ├á un ami, et je lui ai demand├ę ce qu’il faisait. […]

A Quick Business Lesson

My brother sent me this story via Whatsapp a few days ago and I found it pretty interesting so I had to share it:   During a robbery in Guangzhou, […]

Translation Rates: It’s a Free Market, But…

I have addressed this issue so many times (here, here and here┬áto name a few) to the point that I am now being frequently attacked by some colleagues for advocating […]

#TransTip: No Negotiable Rates for First Time Clients

Translators, please stop giving first time clients your rates and then stating that they are negotiable! This is the most unprofessional thing to do and it sets things totally on […]

A List of the Abbreviations/Hashtags in the Translation Business World

When I first joined Twitter, I encountered a few hashtags used by language service┬áthat I found awkward. Upon investigating them, I found them very interesting. I know a lot of […]