Why You Don’t Have To Give Up All Indulgences To Be Healthy

There are many faulty impressions about health and wellness, especially by those who might not have followed a fitness journey before. That’s not to say you should be ashamed of having flawed impressions or mistaken beliefs, it’s easy to have those if you’re not experienced in a certain field.

Let’s get into specifics, then. Those who may not have followed a fitness or health-focused journey up until now, outside of making good decisions here and there, may assume that living a “fit lifestyle” requires constant sacrifice and dedication. Sure, you have to remain committed to your goals, but there’s a great deal of nuance here depending on the plans you curate.

For instance, simply lessening your alcoholic intake is a very positive health decision, even if you haven’t started exercising yet. Going for walks three times a week, while not as intensive to watch as someone lifting weights in the gym, can still be great exercise. As such, you may be surprised just hear just how accessible a fit and healthy lifestyle can be.

Moreover, in some cases, you don’t even have to give up all your indulgences to live healthily. In this post, we’ll discuss specifics examples of that, helping you feel more motivated than ever:

You Can Alter Your Comfort Foods

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go without indulgence all the time, you can shift indulgences in your favor if you’re trying to eat more healthily, For instance, making a copycat In N Out cheeseburger can taste delicious, give you the exact ingredients you’ve come to love, while also lessening certain elements such as the cheese, or knowing exactly what you’re putting into the meat. You may even make your own buns with zero sugar for health reasons. 

Little changes like this can not only taste delicious but may even become a staple that you eat without any form of guilt. If you’re trying to focus on a weight loss program, or to reduce certain ingredients like salt in your diet, having this level of control is wonderful.

Portion Control & Moderation Wins Out

When you indulge, you tend to indulge big. Everyone knows what it’s like to eat more slices of pizza than they were hoping to, or to eat an entire box of crackers without even paying attention.

However, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do is work on portion control first and foremost. If you do this, you can regulate your intake of certain calories and micronutrients in the best possible way. From then on, any changes you make can be made out of desire, the willingness to eat more healthy foods thanks to their great taste, and not to artificially limit yourself if it’s not needed.

For example, you might just lessen your alcohol intake to a glass or two of wine whenever you sit down to watch a movie with your partner. There’s real power in knowing you can have just enough where an indulgence doesn’t make you feel guilty, tired or bloated, and then not having to worry too much about justifying your next time, because you can trust yourself. If you can focus on this, it’s much superior to a militant approach.

There Are Many Healthy Indulgences, Too

Of course, not all indulgences are unhealthy or need to be swapped. Steamed vegetables, healthy soups and casseroles, even little snacks like carrot sticks and delicious homemade hummus can be a fantastic alternative to try.

Sure, this might not sound as indulgent as eating donuts with coffee in the morning, or whatever other habits you enjoy, but keeping an open mind can be wonderful. It might just be that your indulgences become actual health boons, meaning you don’t have to worry about justifying them at all.

Instead Of Perfect Foods, Look For Nutritionally Rich Ingredients

It’s easy to disregard foods as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. For instance, you might think that cheese is bad when trying to lose weight. But actually, dry cheeses with low sugar counts, lesser calories, and rich taste can fit just as well into your diet, provided you’re not lactose intolerant of course.

Generally, there are no “perfect foods” for health except for maybe celery that takes more calories to eat than it provides you. What matters is staying within your macros and calorie limits, and lessening exposure to sugars where you can.

With this advice, you’re sure to avoid giving up all indulgences when you’re just trying to be healthier, and opt for a more realistic approach instead.



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