Improve Your Company’s Professional Sheen: Building A Killer Social Media Profile

Looking professional online is a matter of various elements. It’s not just your website, and it’s not just the way you communicate with customers, nor is it the visual fidelity of your marketing materials. All of these things work together to ensure you create an image as a legitimate, professional business that’s worth a customer’s details and data. 

However, some of these elements are harder to polish than others. And in the modern era, most new businesses struggle to put a killer social media profile together. After all, it’s crucial to have a good looking, up to date social profile, no matter what accounts you want to create. That kind of pressure can make it very tricky to create social content with confidence and purpose. 

That’s why the tips below can be so powerful. The more you invest in ideas and methods like these, the easier it’ll be to stand out on a social media platform. 

Add SEO to Your Content

Did you know that public social media posts can be indexed by search engines? So it’s worth it to apply your website SEO strategy to your social media content as well. Talk to a Top Marketing Agency about this issue if you’re not sure how it works – once it’s explained in depth, you’ll find it very easy to incorporate your current content optimization into every new post you make. 

In the meantime, all you need to know is that SEO on social media works in much the same way as SEO on a website. While hashtags come into it, simple words and phrases that align with the niches you’re already trying to target are still best used here. Don’t change things up just because it’s a different platform you’re posting on! 

Create Interesting Visual Content

Interesting visual content is all about being eye-catching from the slightest glint. If your post pops up in a preview window next to a plethora of other posts of its kind, you want to be the one standing out amongst the crowd. Sounds difficult? That’s why you need an image plan. 

Make good use of your brand colors, logo, and statement here. If you’re bright and bold, go all out. If you’re muted and monochrome, use this sense of subtlety and sophistication to your advantage. Your branding materials need to be consistent, and the more consistent you are, the more interested a visitor will be when clicking through to your profile. 

Link New Blog Posts to Social Posts

If you’ve written something new for your business blog, create a social post to announce, detail, and link to it. Don’t just link the post and a preview comes up in the feed. Make sure you customize the message and have something a little extra to say. The more you offer value in your content, the more people are going to click through. That’s perfect for your conversion rate! 

This is also your chance to create a few high performing landing pages. Not only can you create a social post using your blog activity, but you can make social media ads through them as well. On websites owned by Meta, this makes your content very easy to ‘boost’, as you’ve already formatted them correctly, added a worthy link, and can choose your audience based on the metrics you already perform well in. 

Add Social Buttons to Your Homepage

Social buttons help you to gain followers. When a person looks for a product or a service, they tend to come across a relevant website first of all. When they click through to your homepage, you want them to see that you’re active on social media, and that it’s worth it to follow you there. 

So add a few buttons linking your profiles right in front of them. You should be able to incorporate this widget into your layout using any number of common website builders, so this doesn’t have to be a complicated process either. The more followers, the more attention, from both real people and the algorithm! 

Work with Other Content Creators

Other content creators can provide a hardy boost to your profile. The more you work with them, the bigger your reach tends to be. These creators can be anything from other brands who you can collaborate with and small influencers in the local area around your business. Anyone who has an even slightly similar audience, interact, build a relationship, and start working together towards a common goal. 

Choose Your Hashtags Carefully

On various platforms, you want to use a good mix of highly saturated and mid value hashtags to ensure your post gets spread in the most relevant circles. So while you want a couple hashtags to be filled with a million or more posts, you want three or four hashtags with under 500,000, and then a couple more with up to 100,000 posts. 

You’re likely to get the most amount of attention when you ‘min/max’ in this manner. Plus, the more you post in the same hashtags each time, the more recognizable you become to the people who follow and interact within them. 

Measure More Than Vanity Metrics

It’s not just about the followers, or the amount of likes. While these look good to the untrained eye, they can mean very little for your business success. So come up with some KPIs that measure beyond these things. 

Your click through rate, for example, or how many website visits you got from the latest advert you ran. Similarly, who’s engaging with your content, and do they fit the persona you created?

Your social media presence is the best link between you and your customers. You can instantly update them on what’s going on in your company, release new products, run promotions, and provide some funny and/or friendly advice. Think about this when you want to create a new post, or you want to target a new hashtag – good social media is flexible, but it’s never boring. 



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