5 Things You Can Do With Coffee, Apart From Drinking It

Today is National Coffee day. Yes, I’m big on this day. I wrote about it herehere and here.

While I only drink one cup of coffee a day, I pretty much can’t function properly without it. The first thing I do in the morning is prepare a hot cup of Java so I can attack my day.

Below are 5 things you can actually do with coffee, apart from drinking it:

1- Make Desserts with it

Coffee desserts and coffee ice cream are my favorite! Tiramisu, anyone?

2- Coffee with Steak

Oh, you haven’t had a coffee sauce with steak? Boy, you’re missing out on a lot. I suggest you Google a recipe right now! You can also spice up your steak by using ground coffee in dry rubs.

3- Paint with it

I have an amazingly talented colleague and friend who actually produces wonderful paintings with coffee.

4- Make a Facial Mask with it

I’ve tried it and it is absolutely amazing! It gives you a brighter, cleaner skin and it takes 1 minute to DIY. I suggest making a coffee and honey facial mask; it works wonders on your skin!

5- Clean Pots and Pans with it

Coffee grounds are sharp and work as a natural abrasive to remove the grease and grim off your dirty pans.


What else would you do with coffee?

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