Miss Lebanon 2015: Leave Translation to Translators

On October 12, Valérie  Abou Chacra won the title of Miss Lebanon 2015.


Congratulations and I wish you the best of luck in your upcoming year.

The pageant, which has been organized by LBC for the past 20 years, was hosted by media figure Dima Sadek, one of the few media figures that I truly respect. She is such a professional, and a true class act.



What really disappointed me is the fact that she had to translate one of the contestants’ answer to Miss France who was one of the jury members.

She was hired to host the event. Translation is not her job, even if she speaks fluent French! She is not a professional translator!

The result? The answer was not translated accurately, with Dima Sadek not conveying the message as it was meant to be.

It is not her fault, though. I blame LBCI for not hiring a professional interpreter, even if it was only for this one small sentence. Such a huge production needs the highest level of professionalism possible!

This is another reminder that translation should be left for translators and translators only. There is a reason why not every single bilingual person on Earth can just translate!



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