A Message to In-House Linguists

This is a shout out to all the translators who work in-house! As a freelancer, whenever I have field work, translation or interpretation, I always come back home like I was beaten! My entire body would be sore.

When you get used to working from the comfort of your own home, or bed for that matter, it becomes so difficult to get all dressed up first thing in the morning and then spend hours in the morning traffic before you finally reach your destination and be bound by the house rules, not to mention have someone boss you around.

But you have to do it sometimes, and it does add to your experience, as it gives you the thick skin you need and makes you explore all aspects of your business, teaching you to be a better team player and therefore turning you into a better professional.

It amazes me that not once in my life did I have an in-house translation job, but that did not stop me from establishing the experience I needed and later on a good business with enough projects for me to survive throughout the year, each year. And now every time I have a job outside of my house (interpretation gig, interviews to produce a company’s website content, etc.) or a business meeting with one of my clients, I always look forward to it as it is good for a change, even though, at the end of the day, I feel extremely tired, which then makes me realize how blessed I am to be able to work from home.

Do you prefer working from home or working in-house? Share your opinion by commenting below!



  • Roni Shamoon

    Yes And I am already working several jobs from home, and still looking for more

    January 26, 2015 at 2:00 am Reply
  • Marisel

    I work in-house in an insuraance company, but I would love to have the freedom to get to work from home at least half of the time. I feel like I would get more work done because I wouldn´t have to deal with the long and time consuming commutes to and from work. However, it´s nice to get dressed up and see people every day!

    January 27, 2015 at 4:39 pm Reply
  • Christine

    I worked in-house for about a year and a half then I decided to go Freelance. There is no doubt that when working freelance you gain a lot of experience (how to be a good team player, how to better manage your work in a fast-pace working environment etc…). But it is extremely exhausting! It’s something I would prefer to do part-time and just for few days a week. I definitely enjoy working as a freelance translator because I follow my own schedule although I have to respect the deadlines given by my clients. I have no one bossing me around, I am my own boss….

    January 27, 2015 at 10:06 pm Reply
  • Anthony

    I have experience working both in-house and as a freelancer. While the latter turned out to be the best option for me, I can perfectly understand why some people will choose the comfort of an in-house position. I also have to admit that I occasionally miss having colleagues around me everyday. While I occasionally do get out and meet people for my work, I can’t help feeling a little lonely at times.

    January 28, 2015 at 6:12 am Reply
  • Adriana Johnston

    I understand what Anthony means. I’ve always been a freelancer, and I love the flexibility of my schedule and not having an immediate boss. But I do get lonely some times, because of not having the opportunity to build friendships or consult with colleagues. Either way I think the whole interpretation career whether you work in house or as a freelancer, is brain draining, and can affect how you feel physically.

    February 7, 2015 at 10:06 pm Reply

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